We are determined to make each project entrusted to BAO Solutions a success. Our intention is to analyze and provide the best in class outsourcing solutions to meet our clients' needs. Our offer includes expertise and consulting in identifying your needs, recommending the appropriate technology, implementation, test/validation and maintenance support. Our solutions for your company are perfectly tailored to your needs.

For the moment, our service offer consists in:

Expertise / Consulting

The success of each project depends firstly on the pertinence of the technical choice. Our experts with excellent practical experience are able to provide your company with all the technical advice and competence that will ensure the complete success of your project.
Today we are specialized in offering solutions to the banking system, for example, stock exchange variations applications and many others according to the clients needs.

Full Cycle Development

From business and system analysis to architecture design and coding. Our software engineers, with a rich experience on the development of large-scale projects, will dedicate their whole mind to your project. Their approach relies on:

  • Exhaustive analysis of your needs
  • Using the best conceptual and pragmatic process
  • Using the best and the most up-to-date technologies

Test / Validation

Conformity and quality of your project. From the first testing step to the last one of validation, our engineers apply the test process by:

  • Exhaustive test planning
  • Definition of technical and business test details
  • Simulation with test data
  • Validation of non-regression


As you already know, the IT Industry faces nowadays a sustained rhythm of development. Information Technology systems’ exponential evolution brings forth the problem of a very rapid obsolete state. Their maintenance and upgrade are one of the most important tasks you have to face each day. Therefore you need a reliable specialist who can help you solve this type of problem. We propose maintenance solutions depending upon the technological requirement of each of your project. Outsourcing the maintenance service gives you the possibility to focus more on your core business and to keep your costs under tight control.

BAO Solutions’ maintenance capabilities include:
  • Bug fixes, user support, and other essential ongoing maintenance
  • Documentation
  • Enhancements
  • Re-engineering & porting
  • Root-cause analysis
  • Testing
  • Release Management

BAO Solutions uses the most recent technologies on the IT industry. Our continuous need for improvement makes us sensitive about the slightest change in the domain.

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Our IT engineers, graduated from the top Vietnamese and international (French, German, Australian) universities, master the most recent technologies and have excellent technical and practical experience.

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Our objective for the near future is to develop our client portfolio and to conquer the European market.Our aim is to become one of the most important outsourcing companies in Europe.

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