BAO Solutions uses the most recent technologies on the IT industry. Our continuous need for improvement makes us sensitive about the slightest change in the domain. Our team is in constant alert and it updates its knowledge with the newly released technologies on a regular basis.


The methodologies we use follow the general trend on the market of the development of Information Technology. Most of the outsourcing companies appeal to these methodologies not only for their completeness but also for their worldwide use.

RUP (Rational Unified Process): This is one of the best and most practiced conception methodology in IT and even in other industries.

Software Engineering Best Practices: As its name reveals, this methodology includes the best practices in the domain of IT. They refer to practical experience, a good method of work and management, etc.


  • Operating Systems: Windows (NT, 2000/2003, XP, XP Pro), Unix/Linux
  • Languages & Scripting
    - VB, C / VC++, WIN32 API, MFC/ STL, ATL/ActiveX
    - Java, JavaScript, JDK
  • Middleware & Web Services
    - EJB, CORBA / IIOP, RMI, Web Services (J2EE)
    - MSMQ, COM / DCOM, Web Services (.NET), SOAP
  • Web / Internet Technologies
    - IIS, Apache, SilverStream, BEA WebLogic, WebSphere, iPlanet
  • Databases
    - Oracle 8i/9i, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Access, Business Objects

We are determined to make each project entrusted to BAO Solutions a success. Our intention is to analyze and provide the best in class outsourcing solutions to meet our clients' needs.

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Our IT engineers, graduated from the top Vietnamese and international (French, German, Australian) universities, master the most recent technologies and have excellent technical and practical experience.

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Our objective for the near future is to develop our client portfolio and to conquer the European market.Our aim is to become one of the most important outsourcing companies in Europe.

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